Just Me Being Me...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Random Things, Random Thoughts

Out of boredom from studying for finals, I decided to delete all the previous posts from my blog. It was just an instinct… There were too many names mentioned in all my previous blog posts. Its not gossip, its more like a weekly summary of what I do with my friends, but it just didn’t feel right putting every single detail up there…

Some days you find that everything gets into your way, some days you’ll find that everything is smooth sailing. Today just happened to be one of my great days… Words cannot express the feeling of being appreciated. It’s not about the luxurious gifts, but it’s the company you get, the short little chats and the hugs that really make a difference…

Some people walk by, not stopping to say hi;
Some people walk by, say hi, and walk on;
Some people walk by to take you along with them, and leave footprints in your heart.

And you happen to be the person who has left footprints in my heart.

Thank you for always being there.